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6th August 2011, 08:06 PM
Hello All,

I NEED HELP HELP n HELP DESPERATELY to rescue my dual boot laptop and data residing in it. The system is running on Fedora-13 (ext4 file system) and Win-XP (NTFS). I think the Grub Loader got deleted accidentally. System does not boot anymore, it is taking me to Grub prompt. My Fedora-13 installer dvd is also corrupt, so unable to boot from that. I have some old dvds like Fedora-10, fedora-8. When I try to install / boot from them, they are not showing me existing partitions (neither the ext4 nor the NTFS) and shows entire 150GB as free space.
Is there a way I can rescue my system, will I be needing the Fedora-13 to restore the GRUB? and /or Will Fedora-15 be able to detect my existing file systems if I make Fedora-15 USB Bootable?
I am running out of ideas as I have huge amount of important data.

Please help me !!!!


7th August 2011, 03:58 PM
As fas as I can tell, if you make a F15 bootable USB, you should be able to give yourself root access and recover ALL information from your ext4 AND NTFS partition as long as the HDD is not corrupt. If it is simply a grub deletion problem, a bootable USB/CD should help you recover your data ....

Old fedora installations MIGHT not have been able to recognize ext4 since it was released only in 2008. Try bootable CD/USB to recover your data before you proceed any further.

7th August 2011, 04:31 PM
@nonamedotc, Thanks a lot for the idea !! I guess the HDD is fine, I deleted a local drive [F:] that I saw under "My Computer" in Windows-XP....it showed me 0 bytes with data as RAW. I have never seen that drive since 2 years, it just came from nowhwere. May be it got installed as a floating drive with some program, I am not sure:confused:. I deleted that from Windows disk management, where I could see this drive occupying some 98-100MB space. I admit, I should have been more careful ..
Once I rebooted my system, I found myself in problem, I could only see
I assumed and hope, I have only deleted my Boot loader
In Windows-XP, I had two NTFS [C: and D:]. I Fedora, I had partitions as /, /boot and swap. Apart from that I created one more for LVM (parttion id 8e) but that was not mounted.

Hope your suggestion works for me... :(