View Full Version : New laptop, old hard drive - boot up won't complete

28th July 2011, 04:58 PM
The hard drive contains a daul-boot Win7/Fedora 14 Laughlin with GRUB bootloader. It was set up on an Acer, and then moved to a Dell Vostro 1000 when the old lappy bought the farm.

The bootloader, and Windows work fine right now; however, when I attempt to boot into linux, it:

A) loads the "Fedora icon filling" screen from install, instead of the "blue bar at the bottom" screen (which used to be my default) when it is set to quiet;
B) only gets halfway through the setup (if in non quiet mode) and then just stops. On quiet, the Fedora icon fills and flashes, and then just hangs.

The biggest difference between old lappy and new (from what I can figure out) is the motherboard/processor chipset. Just about everything else - video card, sound, input devices, etc - are nearly identica. Both processors are 64-bit AMDs, however - this one's a touch slower, X2 2.00 GHz

Is there some obvious solution I'm missing? Would upgrading to F15 repair this without overwriting all my data on the linux partition?

(Thanks for the help - I couldn't find any similar problems through search, so I hope this hasn't been addressed already.)