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23rd July 2011, 04:31 PM
Hello community

This script is planed for new users to linux.
However, i'm a fan to commandlines, thus, the script is based upon commandline commands. Uff ;)
I wanted to minimize the output some commands produces, such as yum installs or wget.

The script works mainly with folders and files.
The folder sea.system provides scripts that only contain functions used by the other scripts of other folders provided.
You could think of that folder as a library.

Therefore i'm only refering here to folders which contain scripts that are to be executed.

verybasics: Basic stuff like gedit, vim, git, svn, several icon themes
devel: Some libs and develeoper IDE
office: Installs complete libreOffice package (single install doesnt work yet well)
skype: a nice voip
sience: SciLab
TS3: Installs TeamSpeak3 client (32/64bit) and creates a desktop icon
vbox: Installs a repo for Oracle Virtual Box (Fedora 15,16)
webhost: Installs Apache, Php, MySql, phpMyAdmin
wine: Installs WINE, Gecko, as well as some basic tools commonly used with WINE.

up: This file does a backup of some folders in your home directory. Target is to have a minimum required storage amount, yet its not 'additive' (by that i mean it stores ALL current files from inside that folders, without checking if they had been changed since last backup). It will create a backupfolder place the compressed file there, and modifiy restore in a way, so you can restore your data by simply executing the restore-script from the storage media on any new installed system.
On first run, it will setup your basic settings to be stored, as well as a small and a large backup setting.

JOBS: Contains scripts that are ran by cron (eg. repeative updates)
gotoBed: Asks you at what time (european time format eg. 2200=10pm) you want your computer to be shut down
backup: Asks you how often you want the sea back up to be run, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Regnum: A MMORPG
WoW: Another MMORPG
Zak2: German Fan project for the classic Click Adventure

GNOME: Tweaks, Shell extensions, autostyle
LXDE: autologin, loginbg
custom-shell: Changes the shell prompt to either 13:25$, bash-4.2$, or the Fedora default $
ejectcd: Simply allows you to eject the CD/DvD with the HW-button.
multimedia: Installs basic media support, such as Adobe Flash, MP3 and DvD Playback support.
useragent: Yet not working as planed, it should ask you to ender your Distro (Fedora) and adds it to Mozilla.
USB2boot: Simply writes an imagefile to your selected USB drive. The drive should be clean, if not data will be overwritten!

rndbg: Modify the script to have diffrent default paths. Start the script with an absolute path that contains pictures, and it will randomly set one of them as your new background (gnome/kde) However, minum start is: sea ui rndbg 0 or something like: sea ui rndbg "$HOME/Pictures/family/birthday of kate"

The scripts in here, run other scripts of sea scripts. If you run sea set gnome for example, all scripts in sea sys gnome will be run, rather than to have to call each script one by one.

Some examples on how to execute things, having a terminal open helps alot, some things work in the background, things you need to enter a password or any other input is required, do not work yet.
For these examples, ill mark the ones working from ALT+F2 with a starting !.

After installation, just enter:
# | Some scripts required additional arguments, such as rndbg, others can be autoran by arguments, such as games.
sea # | On terminal, this will show a list of available commands. Folders and scripts, which are arguments.
sea apps verybasics #| Installs GIT, SVN, vim, gedit, filezilla and gnutella. Some might be required to run other scripts without errors.
!sea ui rndbg 0 # | Will change the background of your desktop, works on gnome and kde. xfce and lxde might have issues even with dconf/gconf installed.
!sea back up # | not working good in 0.4.b, might need edit ~/.sea/back/up to changes files/directories that shall be saved. The restore script will be manipulated to give an optimal 1 click (or 1 command) restore.
sea apps vbox # | Adds oracle virtual box to repositries, and installs 4.1
sea sys multimedia # | Installs dvd support, gstreamers, mp3, vlc, flash and codecs for mozilla
sea sys lxde autologin # | Aktivates autologin for lxde (if lxdm is login manager)
!vimail # | Starts a vim session with current local system mails for current user.
rmtf # | ReMove Temporary Files (*.swp, *.swp~, *~, .*~)
!sea sys gnome tweak[

Most settings can be changed in ~/.sea/sea.cfg if necessary.
Hope you like it.

[U]Some screenshots:
If this is too much, you might prefer some more 'single use' scripts:
Audio, Video & Flash: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=264339
Wine, WoW, TS: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=264264

Please check out at sourceforge for the latest release:

1st August 2011, 01:09 PM
Removed: first alpha release
Uploaded: 3rd completly re-written beta

Log 2:
Removed: 0.3 -> install script didnt work
Uploaded: 0.3.1 -> fixed install script

Log 3:
Updated: 0.3.2 -> Fixed code issues in backup, restore, fs, install files // + added release info (release: prints out system-release)
Changes for 0.4.x (b=beta)
- Removed logo, reduced list output.
* Scripts are now included, rather than executed. (so another time re-written handler)
+ rmtf (remove temp files ~ .~ .swp)
+ vbox, libreoffice, lxde autologin, webhost, wine, devel, gnome tweak tools

Multimedia, as linva stoped working i changed source in the script, this is main reason for the 'beta' upload.

in Progress:
Scripts should now be able to run from a removable drive, yet untested.

re uploaded 0.4.b because of some 'cleanup' i missed.
Oh and.. If it is installed, or if you'd copied to ~/.sea and added that folder to $PATH.
Just . sea.cfg to get in use of the commands provided in the scripts of sea.system ;)
Arghs sorry, 4 was corrupt, just figured while i did a fresh system install.
But oh well, it was a beta anyway

* Should now be useable.
* fixed some errors in wine- and multimediascript.
- backup currently doesnt work well
* flash has a copy& move issue i dont understand, however, youtube is working ;)

* removed folder . from tarfile
+ Login Manager changer (sea sys loginmgr)
* "games" needs still some small changes, but shoudlnt produce an infinite loop anymore
- removed nesecary relog, you now may type sea in console right after installation

If you're using LXDE, do NOT use the sea sys lxde update currently it causes somesort of a crash, and wont let you login anymore (even not with autologin)
And will cause you to install your system completly new (though you can keep your /home, i just want to save your time)

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I'm still missing ANY kind of feedback.
Either to improve the scripts, or make them easier to use.

Currently, i need some help with the lxde-update, as it downloads the sourcefiles from sourceforge, extract them (that part works well), and then compiles them on your computer. Sadly, it still produces errors, thus, crashing the system after a relog (that part works like a nightmare). :(
The knowledge on how to build (using configure/make) the apps, is a bit over my knowledge/experience.

+ skype repo (beta)
+ sets (start several scripts in a row
+ add2sudo

+ 'sea back up' works again, and split to several tarballs.
* sever small code fixes

* sea 'install / setup'
* lxscreenshot $FileName.ext (requires ImageMagick)
* backup now should work with a setting file (wizzard provided)

* skype should now be installable and ready to run
* sea scripts are now working properly from removable drives
* cron jobs: gotoBed lets you select a time when your computer shall shut down
* cron jobs: backup lets you select an interval when it shall be ran

sea set seafreshinstall: sets up your system with the most basic programs, including multimedia support, libreoffice, webhost , virtual box and more.

After installation you maybe see "grep, sed, uname... not found" dont worry, just open a new terminal and it'll work.
If you know how i could avoid that messages, please let me know.

Feedback welcome here at forum or via pm ;)
0.4.4 (stable)

Backup works now as expected (restore not tested with newest changes)


Known bugs:
useragent doesnt generate proper string yet to be written.

Available again.

sea sys multimedia now supports F16.

22nd August 2011, 07:00 PM
0.4.7 (2011.09.22)

* sea: tweaked installation check
* sea.gui: should use dynamic width of terminal, and some other decorations

* USB2boot: fixed some error messages, added FS check, optional parted
* useragent: finaly works well with firefox, other browsers needs to be tested

* extrashell: designed for LXDE, but *should* work with GNOME as well
opens a new shell, after the command provided is executed it waits for [enter] to close itself

* patience merged with sea.gui
* fullcons replaced by extrashell

Notice: Vbox does not support F16 yet!
0.4.8 (2011.09.25)

isomount (sys): Tries to mount the provided argument to /mnt
plymouth (sys): Install plymouth tools and lets you easy change your plymouth screen.

sea.gui (system): Adjusted some settings for the layout
multimedia (sys): Changed code to fit the layout
all files in apps: Changed code to fit the layout
ejectcd (sys): Changed to reduce output on apply

Skype (apps): Hopefully fixed the right issue while creating the repo

EDIT: 2011.09.27
ATTENTION just figured, some files of 0.4.8 are older than 0.4.7, guess that was because of the hazzle installing F16 beta rc2, sorry for the mixup.
Going to check through every file for next release.

* custom-shell (sys): Added Time (13:19:10$), Shell (bash-4.2$) and Default ([simon@Mashine ~]$) themes.
* sea : cleaned code a little bit, starting rmtf AFTER changing to script directory.

* webhost (apps): Installs now properly, however there is still an issue with the mysql rights. There is also an issue to allow apache access to homedirs.
* USB2boot (sys): Fixed issue with cut off leading letters
* sea.gui (sea.system): Reused code of 0.4.7 for header and patience for a better optic.

* learnlinux beta: parses through choosable dirs (/bin, /sbin and /usr/local/bin... to start with) and opens man for each file, one after one.

* up (back): Setup of backup now works again, sed had messed it up a little.

* multimedia (sys): Exported getFedoraRelease to the new file.
* vbox (apps): Fixed issue with F16 (currently still beta)

* getReleaseVer (sea.system): By now, only supplied getFedoraRelease and returns number, 15 or 16.
* GPL: Selfexplaning
* seaREADME: Some notes about the scripts.

* extrashell: Now checks for argument, using zenity --entry if missing.
* filesystem (sea.system): Improved packaging part.
* add2sudo (sys): Improved handling.
* cron (sea.system): applied sea.gui and improved code

* sea.gui: An IF was suboptimal coded.

* update (cron): Installs a cron job that checks for your repeative (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) update.
0.5.2 (2011.10.05)

* changeVar (sea.system): $variable, 0=reset, 1=subtract [$3], 2=add [$3] [if no $3 is provided, its 1)
* pwizer (sys): Enter a word or a passphrase and cryptize it.

* sea.cfg: Doesnt change to $seat on call (. sea.cfg), options for LS slightly modified, Added default options for AptGet
* seaREADME: Corrected some typos: moved to templates, since GPL is provided
* update (cron): Removes the tempfile now
* gotoBed (cron): Checks for root use
* strings (sea.system): small code modifications
* word2pw (sea.system): Finaly has a working _base_
* filesystem (sea.system): seayum now also supports apt-get

* sea.gui (sea.system): Fixed coding error on line 18
0.5.3 (2011.10.12)

* partition (lsf): in progress, will partition selected storage with given settings.

* sea.systen -> system: Renamed to "system"
* wineopts (games): Changed code to 0.5.x framework.
* release (system): Unified system release output via cat /etc/system-release and lsb_release
* sea.gui (system): Now outputs: "Thanks for using a script by: $seaAuthor", centred seaheader
* patience (system): Added an upper empty line for patience.

* extrashell: Added L- & Ubuntu in default shell selection
* custom-shell (sys): Trying to reduce bash CLI errors :(
* useragent (sys): Asks now if you want to create an useragent or detect your system. Either way, it lets you save the useragent to desktop.

7th November 2011, 02:32 PM

update (sys/arch): Queries installed apps and (currently seems forcing: bug) updates them if required.
base-x (sys/arch): Install basic packages to run X
syncode (dev): Syncronizes 1 project from local to sourceforge. (Need to edit file for changes)
yumreset: Gets rid of some erros with yum...

* release (system): Completly rewritten
* filesystem (system): seayum kinda supports now: fedora, ubuntu, arch
* sea: Rewritten installation / first run handling
* loginmgr (sys): Made changes to be able to install a login manager with ARCH.

This is the last Fedoraforum release, project moved to sourceforge!