View Full Version : FC14: php-gd, jgraph broken. worked perfectly in fc7-13

23rd July 2011, 12:04 AM
I had an application that worked beautifully in fedora 7-13, it displays graphs of server metrics using php-gd and jgraph. It always ran perfectly with seemingly no hassles or dependency requirements.

Then, you guessed it, it no longer works in Fedora 14. The funny thing is, it doesn't work on RedHat 6 either (both of these servers are now on the workbench, and my weekend looks like it will be full of bug squashing)

I really need to get this up and running as is should.

Why does it fail ?

These have been installed:

yum -y install *php-gd*
yum -y install *gd*
yum -y install *jgraph*
yum groupinstall graphics

Still, a general refusal to load a graph. Where might error messages be located?