View Full Version : Spotify freezes unless it is run as superuser

20th July 2011, 12:00 PM
Computer: Dell Inspiron 1370 (13z)
Distro: Fedora 15
Desktop: Gnome 3 (+ using gnome-tweak-tool)
Spotify: Added to repo, release version for Fedora 14 (since 15 does not exist).

When I start up Spotify, either from the application menu or gnome-console, the Gnome desktop freezes. The Spotify logo appears in the left corner of the Gnome-shell top bar (besides "activities"), but then nothing happens. What I can do is to move the mouse cursor around. Else, nothing else will update on the screen. alt+tab won't work, the gnome-console text cursor stops blinking etc.
I can switch to console mode (ctrl+-alt+f3).

The first time I launch Spotify after the install it works fine. After that I must run it as su for it to work. What is similare to the first launch and the su launch is that I get the license agreement popup when Spotify starts up.

Endre V.:)

11th October 2011, 03:16 PM
I had a similar issue with it crashing at it ran fine the first time. I posted what I did to fix it here: