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13th July 2011, 03:07 AM
My goal. I want a person to open up nautilus (gnome 3/fedora 15) and under "Devices" it shows "Pictures, MyMusic, DVD_Collection, RPM_Repositories, .... etc " Then the user clicks it, it mounts under /media and they start using it.

I've been playing with AoE -- mostly because it's not TCP/IP which means my work VPN doesn't kill it like NFS mounts -- but it's being a nightmare. Works great with iso's in readonly mode. Works great in readwrite mode till you try updating anything. Then the entire file system get's corrupted.

vblade -r ... says the filesystems corrupt immediately (so think there's a bug there or something I'm missing.) My thought was to mount /u2/Repositories on the server, then vblade -r so people could easily mount it to grab things.

Tried gfs2 but got lost.. not to mention I don't want to have to configure nodes everytime to share my DVD's with a new computer being connected to my internal network. Also tried ocfs2 (same thing)

Anyone give me some direction.

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Oh and tried ggaoed-1.1 but it doesn't seem to recognize my br0 (bridged) nor can I mount the filesystem on the server for editing while sharing via ggaoed.