View Full Version : [SOLVED] Fedora and Flash issues

11th June 2011, 12:49 AM
Hello Forum. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with Flash. It seems the install isn't really working. I'm not sure if I have the wrong version for my version of Fedora. I.E. 64bit or not. I don't know how to find that out either so if anyone has any suggestions or if you're having problems also with getting flash to work please let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

11th June 2011, 01:04 AM
Hello MrZalib~
This is the definitive place to look or ask a 64-bit flash question:

Where did you get the plugin and how did you install it?

11th June 2011, 01:16 AM
Ok so I figured it out. It took a bit of searching but I found it pretty quick. I've got the 64 bit version and I guess kpackagekit gives you the 32 bit flash? If there is a 32 bit version of Fedora. I'm not sure I'm brand new to fedora and still fairly new to linux in general. Played around with Kubuntu for a while but Fedora seems like a whole other animal. Anyways I had to use Konsole to get the 64 bit version because for some reason I couldn't find it on adobe's website. So thanks for the link though! :D I'll be sure to post there should I have any other problems.

11th June 2011, 07:05 AM
if you are using it to play youtube, then try minitube (it is in fedora repo).
it is youtube desktop application. flash is closed-source application, just like chrome. (not chromium).