View Full Version : Problem with ATI radeon HD series and fedora 15

28th May 2011, 07:52 PM
I recently updated from fedora 14 which had a driver for my video card to fedora 15 which did not have driver support for my card. I went to the amd driver support site and downloaded and installed a new driver from there website. when i reboot now i have no graphics. i'm assuming i'm going to have to reformat it because i dont have enough experience with run level 1 or how to do any of that to fix my issue alone, but i was curious why this driver did not work.

the laptop is an acer aspire 4820tg-6847
the video card on there that i need the driver for is AMD radeon HD 6550m

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bump for possible response?

30th May 2011, 02:53 AM
A simple thing to try is boot to a terminal. Where you select the OS at the boot just press "a" over the fedora option. That will lead you to boot options. Write "3" so you will boot at runlevel 3.

Login as root and go to /etc/X11 and then "less xorg.conf" if there is some "Load fglrx" then change it to "Load Radeon" (use vi to edit the file). That might help.