View Full Version : Burning DVD backups

8th November 2004, 12:58 AM
I have asked around in IRC and other places about backing up my dvds that i own to blank dvds with no real good answer i came here....What i want to do is back up all my dvds that i have bought...currently i set up a windows box to do this but i hate windows and half the time it crashes the program..I am using DVD shrink and then nero to burn them....I am keeping the whole dvd and just using the auto compress that comes with the program....In linux i would like to keep the whole dvd and burn it onto one single 4.7 gb dvd-r...i dont want to use wine or anything like that i would like to do it straight up linux...is there any programs that i could get that would enable me to come as close to dvd shrink and then nero as possible.........what are some things people use out there etc....?