View Full Version : xmms install routine hangs in FC2

4th November 2004, 10:35 PM
I am working on the install for xmms on my PII with 256 k mem and 15G drive.

I did the following to install xmms:

[as user]

su - root


yum install xmms [while online and the xmms folder is open]

The install proceeded up to the line that says:


and gave something like 86% completion and no further activity took place.

FC2 did not issue an error message, there was no online activity and disk
activity stopped. After about 15 minutes iI closed it?

Isn't it real unusual for Linux not to display an error message or ask for a sytem disk?
I have the Gnome desktop set up-- not KDE. And you will note the file load stopped
with what looks like a partial file marker at .i38.

Should I try it again, or are there other suggestions?