View Full Version : open office won't launch from menu

1st March 2011, 04:35 PM
has anyone else had this problem? I have two seperate systems running 64bit fedora 14. One runs gnome desktop (a toshiba laptop) and the other is a dell desktop workstation (multiprocessor, but old, machine). I had other problems with the dell earlier, so blamed it on something unique to that machine, but now the problem has reappeared on the toshiba. Open office is the issue. The program installs fine, runs for awhile, then suddenly won't execute from the programs pulldown menu. I've removed the program twice and reinstalled on the dell, but now when the problem appears on the toshiba it has to be something about 64 bit fedora. Any suggestions?

25th March 2011, 03:16 AM
Have you ever tried to launch OpenOffice from terminal, like

openoffice.org -writer
You can get some error messages if it fails. Your problem might be the launching command in the menu, which is invalid for current version of OpenOffice.

27th March 2011, 02:21 PM
Thanks. After posting this I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled again, so the program runs fine again from the menus. Of course, it also runs fine now by executing from the command line; don't know what would have happened before I reinstalled. Will try this next time this happens (I assume it will repeat unless redhat or the openoffice folks fix the bug), although I confess I'd hate to have to always execute the program from the command line. ya, i know, we all used to do that all the time not long ago and lots of software still does that, I'm just being lazy. :)
again, thanks for the input.