View Full Version : I was left to finish with no instructions. trying to install fedora with winxp(dual)

29th October 2004, 04:34 AM
I sent my HD to some guy and he gave it back and he was suppose to give me instructions how to install it, he said my hd was completely blank but i found that when i tried 2 install windows it said i already had windows but then when i try yot start my HD it says NTL somthin missing. can anyone help me or give me instructions how to dual boot both, i had him make 3 portions, C:NTFS 8gb, D: 15gb 32FAT E: 8gb

?: some swap space i think it was 258megs
D:Fedora 2
E:Documents to transfer between win & linux

PS iam a total newbie to linux. But everything else i'll understand.

Update: When i start my computer it says Missing NTLDR
I also tried to look at the disk with Disk druid, i got hda1 for windows and hda2 for fedora, fedora's portion also has 3 portions, hda5-7. I am so confused =]

29th October 2004, 08:27 AM
see this for the solution. (I hope so ;) )