View Full Version : Wine Sound Issue

5th December 2010, 07:58 PM
I hope someone can help as this is driving me mad. Couple of weeks ago my HD died and as a temporary measure I rebuilt my system onto an 80Gb HD. On that 'build' I installed fc14 x64 and Wine (x32). Then I installed Diablo 2 and everything worked fine, sound graphics the lot.

Couple of days ago my new HD finally turned up (500Gb). I tried cloning it with Cloezilla and while that work for one boot. At the second system boot I would get a black screen and nothing else (grub didn't even start) After several attempts I gave up and reinstalled fc 14 x64 from scratch. Then I installed Wine and then Diablo. This time no sound no matter what I try. This is really doing my head as the game is hard to play without sound. I have searched and searched and tried the few suggestions I found (installing esd, using padsp etc) but nothing has workied. I have checked the two installs using rpm -qa | sort > file.txt and kdiff3 so I can see any diffs. There two installs are now identical, so it has to be a config issue and I'm hoping someone here might know where it is.

Any help or suggestions gratefully appreciated.

Neil :confused: