View Full Version : A couple of BASH scripts people might find useful

26th October 2004, 01:25 PM
Hi guys,
Fedora Forum has taught me a lot, so I think it's time I gave something back.
I have created a few little Bash scripts to make my life easier (isn't that what scripts are for? :p ) they are all here: http://mwynwood.com/bw/?module=portfolio

Thanks everyone at Fedora Forum - you've been a massive help :)

dupliFinder - version 0.2 (25 October 2004)
This is a script that looks for duplicate or unique files on your system. I wrote it to find duplicate MP3s in my collection, but it would be really handy for people who have image collections, movie collections or whatever. It works by creating an MD5 hash of each file and then compairs them to find any differences or simualarities - this means that the name of the file is not important. It's great if your at a LAN and you wanna check your MP3 collection against someone elses; just mount their share and run dupliFinder with the "-u" option to get a list of files that are different!

-d = Returns a list of duplicate files
-u = Returns a list of unique files
If no paths are given, the present working directory is used
If one path is given, it checks the files there
If two paths are given, it checks the files in both
Works like a charm:

dupliFinder -d|u [/path/one] [/path/two]

makeISO & burnISO - 12 August 2004
These two scripts make it really easy to create an ISO-9660 image file and burn it to a CD.
They are not that complicated, but they do the job. All you have to do is:

makeISO.sh image /path/to/stuff/
burnISO.sh image.iso

backupImportantFiles - 23 October 2004
This is a script I use to backup important files on my system.
You just give it a list of files to backup and tell it how many days of backups you want to keep, and it does the rest.
I just chuck it in my "/etc/cron.hourly" or "/etc/cron.daily" folder and away it goes...

showProgress - 23 October 2004
This is a tiny tiny script that I use to do things like check the progress of a downloading file or watch a folder...pretty exciting stuff. If you wanted to see the progress of your download.rpm file, you'd do this:

showProgress.sh "/path/to/file/*.rpm"