View Full Version : Think this plan to make FC2 work will work?

Flak Pyro
26th May 2004, 04:18 AM
I have P3 500 Mhz with 256 mb of ram and 2 hard drive installed, here is my disk geometry as reported by mandrake move, knoppix and Partition magic:

Mandrake Moves Results:

HDA - 1568 , 225 , 63

HDC - 77545, 16, 63
Partition Magic

HDA- 1568, 225, 63

HDC- 4865, 225, 63
Redhat 8


Physical - 24990, 16, 63
Logical- 1568, 225, 63

Physical - 77545, 16, 63
Logical - 77545, 16, 63

Now here is how my partitions are setup:

/dev/hda1 - Win95 (Fat32)
/dev/hda2 - Win95 (Ext'd) (LBA)
/dev/hda5- Win 95 Fat32
/dev/hda6 - Linux
/dev/hda7 - Swap
/dev/hda8 - Linux

So for HDA i have my Two windows partitions (I dont really know what the extended LBA thing is) and my linux partitions that Redhat 8 created last summer when i first installed it.

/dev/hdc1 - Linux
/dev/hdc2 - Extended
/dev/hdc 5 - Linux Swap
/dev/hdc6 - Linux

This is where Mandrake 9.2 is installed, once again i let the installer set up everything on its own.

Now as you can see the readings from these three programs do not all match up, partition magic sees HDC differently then the two linux distros do. It also tells me that my CHS value for that drive is incorrect and asks me to fix it. I havnt done that yet.
Now what i want to do is erase Mdk 9.2 from hdc and Hedhat 8 from Hda, create a fat32 partition where redhat used to be and install fedora core 2 to hdc where mandrake used to be. Here is my plan that hopes to prevent messed up partition tables. Let me know what you think:

-delate all of HDC using Partition magic, knoppix or mandrake move.

-make a fat partition on HDC and take its geometry and make sure it is correct, if it isnt let partition magic fix it to the correct vales. (Should be the same as the 2.4 kernel reports.

-take the geometry of hda (1568, 255, 63)

-install FC2 on HDC and insert the kernel prameter "linux hda=1568/255/63 this will allow you to format hda to remove redhat 8 and allow FC2 to write grub to the MBR without messing anything up. During grub config tell grub the kernel prameter hda=1568/255/63 during grub configuration.

-If the HDC geometry is wrong use mandrake move, partition magic or knoppix to find the correct geomerty and put in the FC2 cd 1 and type "Linux hdc =p/r/a rescue
Also for hda is the physical and logical value supposed to be the same?

Thanks for any replies i may recieve.