View Full Version : Unable to mount My Book. Not Authorized

18th November 2010, 06:05 PM
I just installed fedora 14 32bit. After installing my My Book, where I backed up fedora 13 files was available and accessible. I installed pidgin (which doesn't work but for another discussion), and vncserver. I set up the vncserver and logged into it and was able to access the usb drive. I set SELinux to permissive. I restarted the system and now it does not automount. I've 'rmmod usb_storage' and 'modprobe usb_storage' but I get that message. I have vncserver starting in runlevel 345 initially but now just in 5.

How do I get it so that when a usb drive is connected, it is mounted and usable under /media... as it should?