View Full Version : Changing the load order of modprobe

21st October 2004, 12:02 AM

In /etc/modprobe.conf, I have

alias host_adapter sata_sil
alias host_adapter1 aacraid

As you can see, there are 2 scsi controllers being loaded. I have only added the aacraid recently, so before that, I had these mappings:

SATA HD1 - /dev/sda
SATA HD2 - /dev/sdb

After getting aacraid installed, I now have

SCSI HD1 - /dev/sda
SATA HD1 - /dev/sdb
SATA HD2 - /dev/sdc

Because the SCSI is now /dev/sda, I cannot boot into linux anymore. I need to make the SCSI HD appear as /dev/sdc, but it always gets loaded first by the kernel. Any ideas?

There must be a way to tell the kearnel to load sata_sil before aacraid...