View Full Version : Install LXDE on Fedora 13?

27th September 2010, 01:26 PM
Hi, I managed to mess up my Fedora 13 distro really good while installing openbox and removing gnome. Guess it's my own fault for not doing enough research, but now Fedora wont boot into the login screen for some reason? It stops at the loading part in the beginning.

So, because I need a less resource hungry distro I thought to try out LXDE. Can I simply migrate to LXDE and still have my home folder intact? Or will the home folder with videos and pictures be erased during the installation? I'm using Fedoras default partitioning system so not familiar how it works. Usually I make a /home partition by itself but this time I let Fedora do the installation automatically and ended up with a new hdd structure I've not seen before.

Hope I made my self clear and not to confusing :)


27th September 2010, 02:01 PM
I've forgotten the exact name--but assuming you can boot (you can try editing /etc/inittab, using any live CD--I'd also recommend, while in there editing, removing the rhgb quiet from the end of the long kernel line in grub and changing the grub timeout from 0 to something like 3).

In /etc/inittab, you'll see something like id:5:default

Change the 5 to a 3 which lets you boot into text mode. Assuming you can boot up, then do

yum -v grouplist

This will give you a list of the available groups--look for LXDE. I've forgotten the exact group name, but you will something similar to LXDE Desktop (lxde-desktop)

I find it easier to use the short name (the one with no spaces, using

yum install @lxde-desktop

(But note that you should first do that yum -v grouplist, as I'm not sure lxde-desktop is the right name.)