View Full Version : F13 KDE: plasma-desktop memory leak?

7th September 2010, 01:35 PM
Dear Everyone on Fedoraforum:
I am using Fedora 13 - KDE and I like them. Thank you very much for everyone who are involved.

Unfortunately, looks like I am facing a memory leak issue.
System-monitor says plasma-desktop is consuming about 750M of memory now. The number keeps increasing and occasionally it reaches 1000M, 1500M, or 2000M.

According to ML message ("[SECURITY] Fedora 12 Update: kdebase-workspace-4.4.2-5.fc12 (http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/package-announce/2010-April/039476.html)"), memory leak issue have been fixed. However, If the issue still exists, I am happy to share my info / case, hoping that it might help / contribute to the community.
Are there anyone experiencing the same issue? Are there any workarounds to this issue?

Some additional info follows. Also, please let me know if there are anything else I can post / do.

* Approximately, memory usage of process "plasma-desktop" changes:
right after login: 70M - 90M
couple / several hours: 500M - 1000M
login for an day or so: beyond 1000M

* I use 4 Desktop Activities, several plasmoids (?) / widgets (?).

* RPM:

# rpm -ql kdebase-workspace | grep plasma-desktop
# rpm -qa kdebase-workspace

* Install media used: Fedora-13-x86_64-Live-KDE.iso

* Hardware:

CPU: AMD Athlon64x2 3800+ 2.0GHz [939/F1000/DualCore]
FAN: Thermalright SI-120 + SA1225FDB12L
Mem: 3GB
Video: 128MB NVIDIA GeForce6600

Thank you very much in advance.