View Full Version : [SOLVED] Installing Flash

25th August 2010, 06:34 AM
I'm trying to install flash using the guide at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flash#Installing_the_plugin_on_Chrome
but Google Chrome just won recognize it. I'm using 64-bit Fedora KDE.
i thought Chrome came with Flash but all I have in about:plugins is ¨Skype Buttons for Kopete¨

25th August 2010, 06:46 AM
As there is no official 64 bit flash only 32 bit Chrome comes with Flash.
I got it working on Chrome using Leigh's 64 bit guide in the 64 bit forum. Couldn't get the 32 bit with nspluginwrapper working.

However it didn't work with Chromium.

25th August 2010, 06:56 AM
Thanks, that worked.

25th August 2010, 07:43 AM
Thanks, that worked.

Good, however I should have mentioned that it is supposed to have some security issues.