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9th August 2010, 07:10 AM
I've just installed Fedora13, got my screen and NetworkManager problems sorted out, created my email account on email settings.... but when I open evolution, everything is greyed out (yes, my internet and networking is working).

I did however installed web server also as I'm developing with joomla and needed php and sql for testing purposes. Could that be the problem?

On evolution, the big red button on the toolbar saying "cancel current mail operation" does nothing and is the only thing I can press.

KMail was working, just for a test.

What should I fix where?

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Found the problem and solution, although I'm not very happy with the solution...

It appears that Evolution needs NetworkManager, which I've disabled to be able to configure my network from command-line. This is what Evolution's FAQ says:

If the problem persists and you are sure you haven't clicked the icon, but you can still reach the network from other apps on your system (browsers, FTP, Ssh, ping etc.) it may be that NetworkManager (NM) is not properly configured. Many Linux distributions now use NM to manage their connections, and if it's installed Evolution will use it to detect if the network is up.

I've enabled Network Manager (NM_CONTROLLED=yes) and Evolution downloaded my mail in a snap (oh, after I had to reconfigure the DNS's again :( ).

Thanks (and sorry for the double post )