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29th July 2010, 05:35 PM
I'm running F12 and have installed the Yahoo Toolbar into Firefox.

When I go to manage my Firefox extensions and plugins, all I get is a blank screen. No details of my plugins or extensions.

Obviously I need to be able to manage my plugins.

How can I remove/uninstall/disable the Yahoo Toolbar?

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I've managed to remove the Yahoo Toolbar, and I get my extensions listed now in Firefox, under Tools>Addons>Extensions.

I found the following thread:


To remove the Yahoo Toolbar from Firefox under Fedora 12, I did this:

made a copy of my ~/.mozilla directory to ~/.mozilla.org

Under my Firefox extensions dir, which for me is:


The Yahoo Toolbar is in this directory:


You can look in install.rdf, just to double-check you are dealing with the right extension.

The contents is something like:

<em:description>Get more out of Yahoo! and the web!</em:description>
<em:name>Yahoo! Toolbar</em:name>
<Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:ytoolbar.jar">

<!-- Firefox -->

<!-- Flock -->


I deleted the {635abd67-4fe9-1b23-4f01-e679fa7484c1} Yahoo Toolbar directory, and then closed all instances of Firefox, and restarted it.

That got rid of the Firefox Yahoo Toolbar extension, and I was able to manage my Firefox extensions again.

I also noticed another Yahoo directory, under:

~/.mozilla/firefox/9e9e99kw.default/Yahoo! Inc

Which seems to be related to the YTB. That might contain users locally saved options, and other YTB cache's.

I've just done a test re-install of YTB. I copied the YTB directory from my ~/.mozilla.org backup, back to the working ~/.mozilla extension dir. Restarted Firefox and activated the YTB extension. So far so good. The extension appears with all
the other FF extensions.

As soon as I activate the YTB extension, I loose sight of all the other FF extensions.

From what I've read in the mozilla KB forum, the YTB might be built into Firefox from 3.6 onwards. Or does that only apply to Windows OSes?


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All I wanted was a Web Mail notification program.

I found this FF extension that works with several Web Mail providers, and also has POP3 support.

Plus it does not mess up the rest of my FF extensions!


WebMail Notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails. You can use multiple accounts in a same host.

Currently supports
- Gmail (Gmail & Google Apps)
- Yahoo (yahoo.com, ymail.com, rocketmail.com, yahoo.co.jp)
- Hotmail (hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com)
- AOL (aol.com, aim.com, mail.com)
- Daum (daum.net, hanmail.net)
- Naver
- Nate (nate.com, empas.com)
- Paran (paran.com, hanmir.com)

Below sites are supported by user script.
- Facebook
- AdSense
- Twitter
- 163.com(126.com, yeah.net)
- www.gmx.net
- www.gmx.com
- freemail.web.de
- poczta.fm(poczta.interia.pl)
- www.qq.com

You can find more scripts for WebMail Notifier 2 here.
If you want other webmail provider, you can make your own script.