View Full Version : Using Software Update in categorised files?

12th June 2010, 05:29 PM
I've been using Fedora for many years Only as an extra operating system while dual-booting with Windows.

I'm currently using Fedora 12 (Gnome) in a VirtualBox on a Windows 7 Laptop.
When I choose System Update, I'm always presented with a very long list of programs to update, many of which are never used by me and not essential for everyday ordinary use. On a desktop I used to install them all anyway even though I never used them.

Is there a way to categorise the options in this list to exclude e.g. programming languages, and give the user more choice in what to update - without having to scroll down and uncheck files manually? Just wondering, as I have no need for a lot of these updates but just want to update the essential/most used programmes and essential kernel updates etc.