View Full Version : Fedora Community Gaming Session This Weekend - Bruno Wolff

2nd June 2010, 11:09 AM
There will be another Fedora Community Gaming session this weekend.
We will be playing bzflag which is a light tank shoot em up.

We will be starting at:
UTC: 1700 Saturday June 5, 2010
EDT: 1pm Saturday June 5, 2010

This game easily handles drop ins and drop outs.

We'll meet pregame in the #fedora-games IRC channel. We'll use the in-game
chat once we get started and I'll have Fedora Talk set up for those that
want to use that in addition. (It's hard to chat while playing without
getting killed.)

New players will definitely are welcome. I can help a little, but still haven't
played a lot myself.

A bit more information is at