View Full Version : GNOME Security - A Remix of the Fedora Security Spin for Security Auditing

31st May 2010, 06:48 AM
GNOME Security is based on the Fedora Security Spin. The spin includes many tools for security auditing, but comes with the LXDE Desktop Environment, of which I’m not a big fan. I’ve been using the GNOME Desktop Environment for many years, and its what I know best and find easiest to use. GNOME takes much more space than LXDE, though. To make it fit on a Live CD (700MB or less), I have removed some of the less popular utilities from the Fedora Security Spin. The result is a fast and easy to use security auditing tool set based on Fedora that easily fits on a standard 700MB CD. GNOME Security can be booted from this CD without touching your hard drive, installed to a USB Flash Drive >= 1GB, or installed on to your hard drive if you need a more permanent solution.

Of course without all of the work by the Fedora Security Spin guys (and the contributors to Fedora) this remix wouldn't exist, so thank you very much!

More Info and Download Links Available Here:

Feel free to grab it if you want it, I know there's got to be more of us GNOME junkies out there :D

My kickstart files will be available soon (on that website ^^), just working on cleaning them up.