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22nd May 2010, 05:21 PM
One of two posts for current issues and need to pick the brain of those more learned in the ways of Fedora...

Late last year I took the Linux "oath" and switched from x64 to Ubuntu 9.10. Although there were some issues with KK I overall loved it and worked diligently on finding solutions for the nagging problems. Solutions were found but none that really fit the way I wanted my desktop to run...thus I made the switch to Fedora 12.

I use Evolution 2.28.3 as my mail client and have brought my mail settings, folders, messages, etc over from my old 9.10 build. Under KK Evolution ran perfectly (especially with respect to Junk filtering. Since my migration to F12 I have lost all Junk filtering. Although it is enabled in Evolution Preferences/Mail Preferences/Junk/Check incoming messages for junk (selected) -- I'm having to do the Junk filtering my hand.

Is it likely that populating the new Evolution client with data from Ubuntu corrupted it? It does hang from time-to-time (kinda odd) and seems to connect slowly to my POP3 servers (slower than with KK installation).

Any suggestions on avenues to pursue in fixing this feature? It has not worked properly since setting-up Evolution on F12 and importing my data file from the old 9.10 KK build.

Many thanks!