View Full Version : kernel crash upon Compaq laptop recovery from sleep mode

26th April 2010, 09:45 AM
I have been getting kernel crashes every time I close the lid on my laptop and let it hibernate. I think it happens right around the time Network Manager automatically re-connects to the wireless. I have not tried stopping NetworkManager to see if that's the problem. The idea just came to me as I was posting this. Perhaps there are more ideas out there. I'm pretty good at troubleshooting but new to kernel troubleshooting and have a lot of stuff on my plate already.

I neglected to mention:

crash has been reported upstream via bug-buddy
I found this page on ath9k that might help but I gotta go to sleep now. http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k/bugs
crash doesn't seem to be too harmful. I can keep working.
system is very slow for 30-40 sec and top says Xorg is to blame for that.
the kernel call trace mentions [mac80211] which says to me wireless is to blame
it's the 64 bit version of Fedora 13 beta.
Wireless fails to re-connect, but disabling and re-enabling networking fixes it

------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: at kernel/softirq.c:143 _local_bh_enable_ip+0x4e/0xd8()
Hardware name: Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC
Modules linked in: fuse ip6t_REJECT nf_conntrack_ipv6 ip6table_filter ip6_tables ipv6 uinput microcode snd_hda_codec_conexant arc4 snd_hda_intel i2c_i801 snd_hda_codec serio_raw joydev snd_hwdep snd_seq snd_seq_device ecb hp_wmi snd_pcm wmi iTCO_wdt iTCO_vendor_support r8169 mii ath9k ath9k_common mac80211 ath9k_hw ath cfg80211 rfkill snd_timer snd soundcore snd_page_alloc i915 drm_kms_helper drm i2c_algo_bit i2c_core video output [last unloaded: speedstep_lib]
Pid: 519, comm: phy0 Not tainted #1
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff8105134c>] warn_slowpath_common+0x7c/0x94
[<ffffffffa019e5d0>] ? ath_tx_node_cleanup+0x126/0x141 [ath9k]
[<ffffffff81051378>] warn_slowpath_null+0x14/0x16
[<ffffffff810578d0>] _local_bh_enable_ip+0x4e/0xd8
[<ffffffff81057968>] local_bh_enable_ip+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff8147ac59>] _raw_spin_unlock_bh+0x34/0x39
[<ffffffffa019e5d0>] ath_tx_node_cleanup+0x126/0x141 [ath9k]
[<ffffffffa0199591>] ath9k_sta_notify+0x87/0x8c [ath9k]
[<ffffffffa014d970>] __sta_info_unlink+0x149/0x1aa [mac80211]
[<ffffffffa014da07>] sta_info_unlink+0x36/0x49 [mac80211]
[<ffffffffa01538c8>] ieee80211_set_disassoc+0x1c2/0x1db [mac80211]
[<ffffffffa0153dde>] ieee80211_rx_mgmt_deauth+0x73/0x9f [mac80211]
[<ffffffffa0155eaa>] ieee80211_sta_work+0x1a0/0xe7a [mac80211]
[<ffffffff81068664>] worker_thread+0x266/0x35f
[<ffffffff8106860c>] ? worker_thread+0x20e/0x35f
[<ffffffffa0155d0a>] ? ieee80211_sta_work+0x0/0xe7a [mac80211]
[<ffffffff8106ca4a>] ? autoremove_wake_function+0x0/0x39
[<ffffffff810683fe>] ? worker_thread+0x0/0x35f
[<ffffffff8106c5a8>] kthread+0x9a/0xa2
[<ffffffff8107e1c8>] ? trace_hardirqs_on_caller+0x111/0x135
[<ffffffff8100aae4>] kernel_thread_helper+0x4/0x10
[<ffffffff8147afd0>] ? restore_args+0x0/0x30
[<ffffffff8106c50e>] ? kthread+0x0/0xa2
[<ffffffff8100aae0>] ? kernel_thread_helper+0x0/0x10