View Full Version : "Paste" BB Tag Added

28th March 2010, 09:29 PM
Leigh has added a new vBulletin BB Tag, named "paste", which will embed a http://pastebin.com entry into posts. YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE UPLOADED THE TARGET FILE TO PASTEBIN.COM, AND HAVE THE EXACT TARGET PASTEBIN IDENTIFIER STRING AVAILABLE. This new tag can make it handy, since those people viewing your post do not have to open an off-site web page to see your file. Also, the size of the file is not counted towards a post's character limit.

USAGE: The target pastebin.com identifier string is to be wrapped in "paste" tags. NOTE that all BB tags are case-sensitive - you must use the same exact case for leading and trailing tags.

EXAMPLE: Suppose that you have uploaded a file to pastebin.com, and the identifier string is q7Hx7EAZ; the "paste" tags would be q7Hx7EAZ, and the result would appear like so:


There is an "Insert Paste Tags" button on the Advanced Posting form:


There are other recently-added BB Code tags, in addition to the standards, such as "attach" and "sigpic" - refer to http://forums.fedoraforum.org/misc.php?do=bbcode for details on all BB Code Tags.


EDIT: Also added: "strike-out" tag: . Result: strike-out.


Also added: tag: embed a youtube flash video. Use page ID only, not URL! Example: [youtube]ABCDXYZ