View Full Version : Recent update to Thunderbird/Lightning has issues.

7th March 2010, 08:25 PM
After a recent update of Thunderbird/Lightning to 3.0.3-1.fc12 I have been experiencing problems on the first start up of the app after booting. I have an IMAP account setup for my gmail and a POP3 account setup from my ISP. When I log-in all messages seem to stay in my inbox as though none of my filters worked, even though I can see messages being moved to their folders on the status bar. If I close out the app and then restart it the messages that were still listed in my smart folders inbox will clear out. As I go through reading them, the folders located on the gmail server are ok, but the ones that are moved to local folders will show up twice. The first listing is the actual message, while the 2nd one appears to be just header info and no message body.

Any ideas as to what is happening?

10th March 2010, 12:11 AM
Further update: If I have a folder not involved with any incoming mail, ie: inbox and any folders that the filters transfer to from there, higlighted, everything is fine. If the Inbox is highlighted is when I have a problem.