View Full Version : Totem being picky about the connection?

2nd March 2010, 02:01 AM
Hi everyone,

As my exploration through Fedora is going quite well (and due to recent problems that I haven't been able to fix in Ubuntu, it's drawing me to Fedora even more), I still have another small question.

I listen to basslover.de constantly, and when I click on the Windows Media Player button to start that stream, Totem starts getting picky about my connection. We have two wireless networks (for a specific reason), and whenever I pick the faster router, Totem happily plays, but refuses to play on the slower one. I know it's not an internet problem because I can play from either network in Ubuntu, and I also updated my wireless in Fedora with a new set of madwifi drivers. Is this something I can fix?

EDIT: Also, if this isn't clear, Totem is playing the stream inside Firefox.

EDIT 2: Hmm, strange. It suddenly worked on the slower connection if I changed DHCP settings to Manual and then gave in details along with the Google Public DNS servers. However, this works in Ubuntu while on DHCP. :(

3rd March 2010, 01:33 AM
Bump? It would be great if I can fix this (yes, I'm somewhat a perfectionist where everything has to work right lol).

Another EDIT: I found out that when I right click the player inside Firefox, and choose Open in "Movie Player", it gets a "Cannot find" error, although it has no problem whatsoever anywhere else, as well as in Ubuntu.