View Full Version : Problem with flite tts on F10 - output only some of the time...

20th January 2010, 07:41 PM
I have a strange problem with flite. I installed Festival first and decided to switch to flite so did a
yum install flite
This appeared to just update flite - apparently it was already there.

Now I get output when I type something like:
flite outputfilename

But no output when I put the text on the command line like many of the test examples:
flite -t "Hello"
flite -t "Hello" -o play

It doesn't seem to generate any errors and when I include the -v verbose switch it reports the speed and time length of output with what seem like reasonable numbers.

I haven't found anything on this sort of problem. Seems very strange that one variation works and the other doesn't. I dont' know where to go from here...

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A related question...
I tried to run flite from another machine with ssh (Putty). It gave several errors. I eventually want to do away with the gui on the F10 box and run it headless. Any issue with this for flite or adjustments I would have to make?

Or is this just the permissions of the ssh session? I logged in as the same user both times but only got errors when logging in remotely.