View Full Version : Adobe Flash raises my CPU temperature :(

19th January 2010, 05:32 AM
Each time I was playing video on a web browser, I got the cpu temperature growing to 85 and 91 degrees...
I thought that it's caused by the browser, until I played Machinarium (the flash game without browser) I realized that only Adobe flash is the problem.

I have the last Adobe flash update/ using fc12.

can you help me please ?

19th January 2010, 05:58 AM
Flash is generally pretty CPU intensive, especially for games. Which graphic driver are you using?

19th January 2010, 06:23 AM
Adobe is the problem. All rendering is done in software (by the cpu). The new beta is supposed to use hardware accel, but is very buggy and largely unusable.

19th January 2010, 08:23 AM
I'm using Xorg-X11-drv-ati- for my Ati Radeon X2300 card, but when I'm playing videos on Totem or VLC, everything works good.

should I use another driver ??

19th January 2010, 05:23 PM
It's not your video card or driver. Flash uses the cpu, period. Using the same video card on two systems, one a dual cpu system (P3 running at 1Ghz) and the other a single cpu system (Athlon running at 2Ghz), shows the difference clearly. The video is smooth with the Athlon and jumpy with the dual P3. Both of the systems get a temperature increase whenever a flash video is played.

Flash is single-threaded and cpu bound. That means you want fast single core cpus and any reasonable video card. The beta version claims that these issues are being dealt with and will take advantage of multiple cores and better video systems. My opinion of the beta is that it is of alpha quality (very likely to crash your system and might not damage your files).

19th January 2010, 10:13 PM
I understood, but why this issue appeared only since two weeks ?? is there an update soon ? or it depends on Adobe's developpers ?

19th January 2010, 11:10 PM
your issue has probably been there from the beginning, you just didn't notice it...
it's all in the hands of the adobe developers, as the linux flash plugin is also developed by adobe (and not open source)...

20th January 2010, 01:02 AM
Nvidia and Adobe are working together to use the GPU instead of the CPU for flash soon.
I haven't looked around if it is available for linux yet, but I know that if you have windows, and an Nvidia card, using the latest nvidia drivers and adobe flash 10.1 beta, it uses the GPU.

20th January 2010, 10:46 PM
85 degrees is very high, perhaps the fan is not running? Check to see if the fan goes on below 75 degrees. Above that temperature the fan is automatically engaged. You might not have loaded the proper modules for temperature control. Low 70's is not insanely high with flash video but mid 60's is more likely.

What is your hardware? You might not have the proper modules loaded to control the thermal system. There has been a change in the way acpi modules are loaded. On one of my systems I need to relax the settings for the bootloader so that the temperature module can load.

20th January 2010, 11:23 PM
If you're using an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo cpu, don't worry til it hits 100C. At least my Toshiba laptop runs at 100C in Windows or linux when it's cpu bound. Googling verified that number, so I quit worrying.


21st January 2010, 01:48 AM
Refer: http://www.heatsink-guide.com/content.php?content=maxtemp.shtml

Somewhat out-dated, but useful, and I think applicable in this case.