View Full Version : LVM on external USB drive

17th January 2010, 09:57 PM

I'm having an issue with LVM on an external USB drive. When booting, the system drops into a recovery console if the external drive is not powered on because it cannot find the volume group and members.

The setup is one system drive with fedora 12 installed, one internal data drive; LVM volume group vg1 with 5 partitions and one external backup drive LVM volume group vg2 with 5 partitions. Both the data drive and external backup are the same size and identical layout. I use an rsync script that I wrote to execute backups (mirroring actually).

fstab is set 'noauto' on the external partitions.

I am new to LVM and I'm stumped as how to make the system 'ignore' the external drive at boot, if not powered on.

Thanks in advance.

24th January 2010, 12:24 AM
I don't know the answer to your question, but I wonder if any of the ways that people deal with disk auto spin-down would apply? http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/FAQ/DealWithAutoSpinDownOnSeagateFreeAgent