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12th January 2010, 11:50 PM
Many new featues.

For the hardware snapsot tools users or the default retry newbies..

renames the VG, and VG and PV uuids

i.g recover the original from the imported time frame.


Get rid of that extra pv chunk you used to make your home dir onto an new disk (PV) with a separate VG_name.

Better for the next upgrade.


after doing the above, maybe you want the /bakup or the /media LV moved to the new disk also.

move the extents of a PV and (optionally) limit the move to an LV to another PV


13th January 2010, 07:43 AM
Version 2.02.57 - 12th January 2010

Ensure exactly one process returns from poll_daemon(), never two.
Reset _vgs_locked in lvmcache_init() in child after forking.
Define {DM, LVM}_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING=1 environment variables during tests.
Enable udev_sync and udev_rules in lvm.conf by default while running tests.
If LVM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING in set in environment, disable udev warnings.
Add --splitmirrors to lvconvert to split off part of a mirror.
Change background polldaemon's process name to "(lvm2)".
Allow vgremove to remove a VG with PVs missing after a prompt.
Return success in lvconvert --repair --use-policies on failed allocation.
Keep log type consistent when changing mirror image count.
Always set environment variables for an LVM2 device in 11-dm-lvm.rules.
Add activation/udev_rules config option in lvm.conf.
Add consts to text metadata flag structs.
Add macros outfc, outsize, outhint and function out_text_with_comment.
Reimplement report FIELD macro using offsetof instead of static structs.
Fix fsadm man page typo (fsdam).
Rename mirror_device_fault_policy to mirror_image_fault policy.
Remove empty PV devices if lvconvert --repair is using defined policies.
Use fixed buffer to prevent stack overflow in persistent filter dump.
Use extended status of new kernel snapshot target 1.8.0 to detect when empty.
Insert stack macros in suspend_lv, resume_lv & (de)activate_lv callers.
Add --poll flag to vgchange and lvchange to control background daemon launch.
Propagate metadata commit and revert notifications to other cluster nodes.
Use proper mask for VG lock mode in clvmd.
Allow precommitted metadata to be dropped from lvmcache.
Move processing of VG locks to separate function in clvmd.
Properly decode all flags in clvmd messages including VG locks.
Properly handle precommitted cache flag when only committed metadata present.
Resume renamed volumes in reverse order to preserve memlock pairing.
Drop cached metadata after device was auto-repaired and removed from VG.
Clear MISSING_PV flag if PV reappeared and is empty.
Fix removal of multiple devices from a mirror.
Also clean up PVs flagged as missing in vgreduce --removemissing --force.
Introduce INTERNAL_ERROR macro for error messages and use throughout.
Remove superfluous returns from void functions.
Destroy allocated mempool in _vg_read_orphans() error path.
Fix some pvresize and toollib error paths with missing VG releases/unlocks.
Explicitly call suspend for temporary mirror layer.
Allow use of precommitted metadata when a PV is missing.
Add memlock information to do_lock_lv debug output.
Always bypass calls to remote cluster nodes for non-clustered VGs.
Permit implicit cluster lock conversion in pre/post callbacks on local node.
Permit implicit cluster lock conversion to the lock mode already held.
Fix lock flag masking in clvmd so intended code paths get invoked.
Replace magic masks in cluster locking code by defined masks.
Remove newly-created mirror log from metadata if initial deactivation fails.
Correct activated or deactivated text in vgchange summary message.
Improve pvmove error message when all source LVs are skipped.
Fix memlock imbalance in lv_suspend if already suspended.
Fix pvmove test mode not to poll (and fail).
Fix vgcreate error message if VG already exists.
Fix tools to use log_error when aborted due to user response to prompt.
Fix ignored readahead setting in lvcreate --readahead.
Fix clvmd memory leak in lv_info_by_lvid by calling release_vg.
If aborting due to internal error, always send that message to stderr.
Add global/abort_on_internal_errors to lvm.conf to assist testing.
Fix test Makefiles when builddir and srcdir differ.
Impose limit of 8 mirror images to match the in-kernel kcopyd restriction.
Use locking_type 3 (compiled in) for lvmconf --enable-cluster.
Remove list.c and list.h with no-longer-used dm_list macros and functions.
Log failure type and recognise type 'F' (flush) in dmeventd mirror plugin.
Extend internal PV/VG/LV/segment status variables from 32-bit to 64-bit.

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15th January 2010, 12:53 AM
Version 2.02.58 - 14th January 2010

Cleanup some minor gcc warnings.
Add --merge to lvconvert to merge a snapshot into its origin.
Fix clvmd automatic target module loading crash (no reset_locking fn).
Fix allocation code not to stop at the first area of a PV that fits.

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posted just for you Slowwy since you love LVM that much

15th January 2010, 02:09 AM
Thank you. I already have the fix on F12 and F13
"Fix allocation code not to stop at the first area of a PV that fits."
This half a thoht could be very important or it could be totally meaningless. lol

I think the dev's need a technical writer dictionary for slang/geek to human language.