View Full Version : Sleepy, my new desktop.

11th January 2010, 03:18 PM
First off, let it be said that fc11 > fc12. of course, fc12 is new and all that jazz, so whatever.

installed x86_64 fc12 on a ich10r raid 0 using 4x hitachi 500gb 7k1000.c (500gb platter) setup as follows;

200gb 64kb stripe for windows
1.8tb 128kb stripe for linux, etc
- 200mb ext3 /boot
- 30gb ext4 /
- 20gb swap (12gb ddr3 mem)
- 200gb ntfs with max cluster size for music storage between oses
- ~1.4tb xfs /home with 64mb journal
appropriate fstab tweaks applied

wasn't able to get the nvidia drivers for my gtx 275 to work right, despite installing the necessary packages. error tells me that the gcc version might be incorrect with my kernel, but there was no kernel update available to me, suggestions?

outside of the nvidia drivers, i love this comp. if anybody were looking for tests done, i've got **** all to do.


i7 920 @ 3.5GHZ HTT ON/
12GB g.skill 1600 @ 1336 with timings tightened. (i'll run 1600 when i can run bclock at 200 with a new hsf)
4x 500gb raid0 hitachi 7k1000.c
gtx 275 (working on getting the second still)
msi x58m
lian li pc-v351b

pics and stuff taken at http://w.zomghi2u.com/tmp - it's a ramdisk, so i wouldn't expect the stuff there to be around forever.

raid performance on the first 200gb to be found here (http://w.zomghi2u.com/tmp/sleepy_raid.png).