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2nd January 2010, 06:33 PM
I am a newbie to Linux.

My Fedora 12 is installed Dual Boot (Fedora/Vista) on a Acer Extensa Laptop
Intel Pentium Dual-core T2390 - 1.86 GHz
3 GB DDR2 Memory
250 GB HDD

I decided to switch from Window to Linux and I am glad I did.

A few Comments first:

1. Tried, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora. For me Fedora rocks.

2. Ran into a problem when trying to install Fedora on my Laptop, although I had an 110 GB empty partition
on my hard drive Fedora install kept telling me that I did not have enough disk space to Install! So, I
installed Kubuntu first without problems and then did a Fedora install using "replace existing Linux"
option. That worked great.

3. I sorely missed the slide show background I used under Windows, so I wrote a script to create a slide
show of my 2,000+ pictures on my Gnome Desktop. After a long learning curve it now works great.

4. Created a home network between my Linux Box and my wife's window XP. Works great but is somewhat
slow to connect. When Connected, works fast.

5. Preferred windows' uTorrent but Transmission works without problems. Read that I could port uTorrent
to Linux under Wine, but could not make it work.

6. I am using Firefox as my web browser. Acceptable but in my opinion, slow to start and not as nice as
Internet Explorer 8

Now for my HELP questions:

1. I need a good reminder program. Under Kubuntu I discovered Kalarm and it was perfect for all my needs
(actually better than windows' Kirby Alarm.
Unfortunately Kalarm (a KDE program) is missing from my Gnome desktop. I have read that a number
of people are using Kalarm under Gnome with a few shortcomings. I am willing to live with these few
problems and downloaded Kalarm-2.4.1a.kde4.tar.bz2 but was unsuccessful in trying to install it.
Anybody have a solution? I will not wean myself from windows until this requirement is resolved.

2. I have a need to be able to enter long character strings into my browser (currently Firefox) using a
two keys combination (ie. Alt+z). Under windows I ran a small program ( AutoHotkey) that allowed me
to do that. Under Fedora 12 Gnome it seems that you can only run programs or scripts using hotkeys.
Am I right or is there a way to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

:pI might be an old fart, but I don't give up easy:p

3rd January 2010, 04:28 AM
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