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13th October 2004, 11:06 AM
Hello people, I'm not sure where to put this, because it's Solaris related or well, I like to run it on Solaris. But first things first:

As I'm now at Siemens in the WAP/MMS team, I have to get used to Unix/Solaris and so I do selfstudy. One of the things I tried, was editing a cronjob or better said, I added a cronjob, who starts everyminute (just for testing purpose). The idea is using banner to give out "TEST". Now the problem is, that at the commandstring you can use blanks. Normally the command would be banner "TEST", so how can I do this now?

My actual line is(stripped to the command field): /usr/bin/banner%TEST!%>/dev/console

I made sure, that the path "/usr/bin/banner" is right.

When I use the proggy at the console (banner "TEST!") all works fine. I also know that the cron-job would work, so it is not a problem of the timerelated parameters.

Also the question would be, how to use echo instead? Couldn't get this to work either :(

So far I have to say, my experiences with UNIX and Linux are getting more and more satisfying, and I love that system, because you learn so much, when you use it. I also bought "Essential System Administration" and I have to say, even as it has a steep learncurve, it's awesome what interesting topics it covers. And quite fun to read too.

Well I get too much offtopic. Sorry for that...

Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated.


13th October 2004, 11:44 AM
Hello girls & guys!

I'm very sorry, but now I have found my solution alone, which always gives you a great feeling. The problem was a simple syntax error.

The working line for the fommand field is:

(banner "TEST")>/dev/console

Sorry for bothering you all. I mean when you work on something, and can get it working as you wish, you start to get confused. I only discovered a cron-line in the book I read and I got the thinsg right.

Anyway, maybe someone finds this thread useful :)

Best wishes,

13th October 2004, 10:39 PM
We don't mind at all when you solve your problems by yourself. :)

Thanks for mentioning the solution.