View Full Version : KDE desktop won't load

13th December 2009, 04:49 AM
I have gnome which is the DE I always use, but today I wanted to try KDE so I did a 'yum install @kde-desktop', the installation went ok, so I rebooted just in case and logged on a KDE session, the animation for loading was displayed and when it was finishing it went back to the login window instead of loading the desktop. If I try the KDE live CD, on other computers it shows the desktop right away but on mine it sends me to the login window and the same, looks like its loading but it sends me back.

Gnome keeps working ok, I can even launch all KDE apps installed like Dolphin and stuff but can't run a KDE session, does KDE 4.X have a special hardware requirements?.


13th December 2009, 08:04 PM
There are three things I can think of:
- first is config leftovers. I you have used KDE on this account somwere in the past there might be some kind of troublesome config files. Easiest way try is to create new user and try to login to the KDE on new account.
- enabled compositing when there's no 3D support. Look in $HOME/.kde/share/config/kwinrc file The "Compositing" section should be just at the beginning. Set "enabe" to "false" and try to
- something in xorg,.conf that makes KDE crasding. Of you have this file in /etc/X11 rename it to something different and restart X

AFAIK KDE has no special requirements per se so it should be runnik ok on most of the configs.