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11th December 2009, 04:36 AM
Hi.. I did my updates for F11 as I do often and afterwards booted in verbose mode to see anything different.
The update was done 3 days ago and here's the log file..

Starting NetworkManager daemon:

** (NetworkManager:1899): WARNING **: State file /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state parsing failed: (2) Error creating state directory /var/lib/NetworkManager: 13.

[60G[[0;32m OK [0;39m]
As noted, it says OK and the network still connects as usual but this warning msg didn't happen until the update.
Is this a bug with the new Gnome Network mgr or could it be related to the new F12 release?
I plan to upgrade or clean install F12 soon. Been using F11 since Aug.5 and I really like it by far the most stable Gnome of any distro I've tried. Was a KDE fan until now lol. I never liked the idea of KDE4.x but it is maturing. But-- most dists don't even offer tried-true KDE 3.5.10 anymore.
May need to fwd this issue with GnomeNetworkManager to the bug forums for Fedora/RHEL.

UPDATE: I installed the updated SElinux Policy (testing) via rpmfind.net.
selinux-policy and selinux-policy-targeted and the issue with the NetworkManager error went away!!
I assume this package will be released as an update soon :)

14th December 2009, 09:26 AM
Hello jwolfe71:
Seems a new patch for SElinux for F11 will address the issue I haveIt is good that a resolution may be forthcoming - hopefully. Thanks for posting that info.
BTW this forum seems useless :( I never get any responses so I'm looking elsewhere (GOOGLE!!)
We encourage members to search Google and the Forum before posting questions, since the answers frequently already exist. "Never" seems to me to encompass a rather small data set, since at this point you have amassed a mere 4 posts. I would encourage you to persist a bit longer, remembering that:
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