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22nd May 2004, 07:49 PM

So I installed FC2 on my system where there already was a 70 GB partition for Win XP on a 80GB SATA drive.

I kept it simple and created a 6.5 GB / part and a 1.5 GB swap.

The install went fine and rebooted the system at the end.

Now it is standing at "GRUB loading stage 2..." and is not going anywhere.

I can't lose my data on the XP partition and need to be able to boot XP again!

Please help,

Thank you.


22nd May 2004, 08:42 PM
You could reinstall GRUB.

Read my two HowTos:
Howto install GRUB on the MBR

Good Luck

22nd May 2004, 08:56 PM
I've tried a linux rescue boot, chrooted to /mnt/sysimage and ran grub-install but it didn't work.

What I did is installed FC2-x86_64. GRUB install worked so I can now boot the winXP again *relief*.

I am _amazed_ they released FC2 with such a bug!

23rd May 2004, 01:37 AM
I just realized the above may be a bit confusing....

The install that destroyed my MBR was FC2-i386. The install that restored my MBR was FC2-x86_64.

I hear a lot of people saying that after losing their MBR, they usually end up reformating the whole disk and lose all their data. So the solution that worked for me was find a distro that did a correct MBR install.

Now, you may ask, why am I not happy with a 64bit Linux install? Answer: because a lot of apps don't even start as they crash at once and I can't get my network up.

My system = MSI Neo K8T800 + A64 3200 + 1GB DDR + 80GB SATA + 9800Pro gfx

23rd May 2004, 11:53 PM
Just to make things clear:

Windows installs the boot loader on the MBR.

Linux installs the boot loader where ever you want:

1. MBR (Master Boot Record)
2 BR (Boot Record) First track of the Linux /boot partition (or /root if you didn't make a /boot partition)
3 Floppy disk.

So, if you have Windows installed on the first partition of your first hard disk and you want to install Linux, you should choose to install GRUB on the MBR or to a floppy. Installing GRUB on the MBR, GRUB will delete the Windows boot and installs the Linux GRUB boot. GRUB will detect that Windows is installed and will create an entry on the grub.conf file so you can boot Windows with GRUB.

You should not install GRUB on thte Boot Record (first track of the Linux partition) 'cause Linux is not installed on the first partition. The BIOS will not boot partitions that are not installed on the first track of a disk. Thatīs why, in this case, we must install GRUB on the MBR (or floppy). The BIOS will read the MBR of the first hard disk first.

If, for some reason, you have to delete Linux, you will not be able to boot Windows from GRUB, 'cause GRUB and Linux does not exist anymore. In this case you'll have to fix your MBR with the FDISK /MBR utility for Windows 9x or FIXMBR for Windows XP. Itīs really simple.
Under WindowsXP you will have to boot from the WindowsXP CD, choose to start in console mode and type FIXMBR.
Use this command to repair the master boot record (MBR) of the boot partition.