View Full Version : Fedora 12 LiveCD boots but won't install to VMware HDD

8th December 2009, 07:23 PM
I'm attempting to create a VM image under VMware 7 using the LiveCD for Fedora 12. The cd boots ok in the new VM but when I attempt to install to HDD it thinks a bit and then does nothing. Using the Fedora 11 LiveCD works fine on the same VM. Obviously I could install Fedora 11 and then upgrade to 12 but........

Please advise. Roger

17th March 2010, 12:30 AM
Me too.
I tried partitioning the Virtual HDD because I thought that maybe it did not see an HDD. But that does not work either.

I do not understand.

Anybody have anything to try?

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Ah ha! When liveinst is called from the desktop via the icon, it obviously does not show errors. So I executed it directly within a terminal it threw an error, it wanted more RAM to execute the graphical installer. I bumped my VM up to 768MB and it kicked right off.

So in sum:
Figure out where the 'Install to HDD' icon refs.
Shell out, and navigate there and execute ./liveinst
At least then you will be able to see what your error was, or if you are installing in VMWare Plyer 3.01 like me, maybe you have not allocated enough RAM.

Hope this helps.