View Full Version : F12 KDE x86_64 lots of issues

7th December 2009, 07:00 PM
So i've used F10 at work and F11 at home.
Removed F10 and did a fresh install of F12 KDE today, using the live cd (tried the dvd saturday but it was even worse due to gnome being pre-selected and me switching it to kde).

Things that bug me (at the moment):

kmail "reply" templates are now %BLANK (figured how to fix that though)
Akonadi not available (where did it go?)
Windows are painted horrible (especially see progress bars)
SELinux complains about a lot (for example install Apache and make a local MySQL connection on port 3306) seems like SELinux doesn't get updated at install of packages.
Firefox crashes at closing

There's one positive though, i don't have the network package loss / hang-ups which i've had with F10 all the time. So finally the network is working fine.
And, the nouveau driver works fine so i don't need to mess around with the nvidia driver.

I wonder why it's a mess compared to my F11?

Will add more issues when i find them....