View Full Version : directory location of perl api? (installed via yum/epel repo) + scmbug question

4th December 2009, 06:00 PM

I'm trying to integrate bugzilla/visual svn via scmbug. for the scmbug daemon configuration it requires the "Path to the directory of bugtracker sources providing an API that the daemon can use" The default is "/usr/share/bugzilla/lib" but since I installed the perl packages through epel/yum/rpm, that directory is empty.

Does anyone know where i can point it to?

My second question is. to integrate scmbug with visualSVN (windows svn) what part of the scmbug package needs to be installed? I notice on the server side of visual SVN, you can basically execute scripts when users commit their changes. Is this where I would have it execute the perl script installer_glue.pl ?

Right now I'm manually typing it in to test it just to see if I get a response from the bugzilla server.

perl scmbug_install_glue.pl --Subversion --product=TestComponent --repository=C:\Repositories\Test --bug=1 --daemon=IP_of_bugzilla_server_entered_here

I'm assuming I need a script to invoke this perl command? So technically nothing is installed on the SVN server, but the scripts are placed, and should be invoked by a script that executes when user commit changes ? Is this correct on the SVN side?