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22nd November 2009, 11:35 PM
Recently upgraded to Fedora 12 and I installed the Moblin Desktop Environment with

yum groupinstall "Moblin Desktop Environment"

The DE works but there are no applications of anykind installed except for volume control and network devices, I can't even log out or shutdown without switching to a TTY.

I have used moblin before and I'm assuming I am just missing some part of the environment?

How can I get those base apps installed?
Much Thanks!

24th November 2009, 09:42 PM
Same problem here.

Nothing relevant on Fedora Wiki, either.

How about trying #fedora-mini IRC channel?

25th November 2009, 03:20 AM
Somewhere in the back of mind I could swear that I read (can't for the life of me remember where) that F12 is using the slightly older Moblin 2.0 DE rather than the newer 2.1 because there was a problem with the version of mutter that shipped with the most recent Moblin release. If that's true (and I can't confirm it - yet), it might explain why there are fewer items than what you might see in the screenshots on the Moblin web site. Just a guess on my part since I don't personally use Moblin (found the interface quite frustrating and went with Xfce instead). When I did try it though I installed it from PackageKit and it came with what seemed to be all the common apps like web browser, media player, etc. And as far as I know there hasn't yet been a logout/shutdown button added to the Moblin interface.