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Indrid Cold
19th November 2009, 07:59 PM
I'm new to Fedora, having used mainly Ubuntu in the past.
My biggest (and pretty much only big) problem so far is that I can't find a good enough (for me) gui frontend for yum.
I really hate packagekit because it doesn't really give any info; it simply says "downloading" and "installing packages" without saying what exactly it's downloading, where from, what's the speed (how will I know if my connection's stalling?), how big the file is etc.
I like yumex, but every time I open it I have to wait 3+ minutes for it to reload the repositories. And if I don't reload them then I can't install anything. Also, when I'm done installing it has to reload the repositories once more if I want to keep using it.
Then I also tried synaptic, which (of course) works as well as I'm used to, but some important repositories for Fedora (like RPMfusion) aren't accessible through APT.

Another problem with any non-packagekit managers I tried was also that they don't communicate with the system's notifier, so after installing/updating a package through anything else than packagekit that needs me to restart the computer or a program I get no notice of it.

Is there a package manager that would work the way I want it to, or should I just make a choice between using console, using the overly simplistic (in nice terms) packagekit and waiting several minutes before making changes to the installed packages? I'd be glad for any input here.

By the way, sorry if I seem to have an angry tone, it's not supposed to be like that (except when I'm talking about packagekit).

19th November 2009, 10:19 PM
sudo yum install PackageKit-smart smart smart-gui

## smart-update.i586 : Allows execution of 'smart update' by normal users (suid)
# add this if so desired..

#have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Package_Manager
#see if this is what your looking for ..
#hope this helps some..

Indrid Cold
20th November 2009, 05:57 PM
Thanks! This one seems to do the job. I guess I still won't be getting notices in the system tray, but this is the least of my worries. :)