View Full Version : sample rates, card setting and filtering

27th October 2009, 03:37 PM

Being a newbie on this forum, the topic might have been adressed somewhere (I couldn't
find it though).
I recently switched from Slackware to Fedora. I am writing (hobby) software for a software
defined radio (simple card). The soundcard is used as ad/da device, my program processes
the samples. For reading samples I use a precompiled portaudio package (V19).
Portaudio let you control the samplerate. It allows you to check the supported rates
as well.
What happens in fedora (11, 2.6.30 kernel) is that my spectrum displays clearly shows that
the samples are filtered with app 44100 Hz.There is no problem in selecting 96000 Hz, but the top
half of that spectrum is just filtered away.
Alsamixer tells that it is connected to pulseaudio.
In slackware there was (a) no pulseaudio (b) no problem with samplerate 88200 or 96000.
My machine did not change (a simple toshiba satelite a200), so I assume it is somewhere
in the software control.

Anyone can give advice on how to handle 88200 and 96000?