View Full Version : Firefox 3.5.3 + 64Bit Flash Eating Memory > 400MB

19th October 2009, 01:09 AM
Is it just me or does Firefox just eat memory when running a page with flash? I have the 64bit Flash plugin installed (as downloaded from adobe and installed into my .mozilla/plugins folder)
I've never really taken note of firefox's memory footprint until now. Each time i load a flash enabled page (such as apps on Facebook) the memory slowly eats away. It is as if there is a memory leak?
This page, with another tab open is just over 50Mb
but with one flash tab open its over 480Mb (which is near 50% of my 1GB total) and the CPU usage is unsually high at 40-50%. (hence my laptop starts to overheat)

What should i point the finger at?
The Firefox (kinda beta 3.5.3) or the 64Bit (definitely beta) Plugin?

would it be wise to downgrade to the normal Firefox release? (if so, how?)
or use that nswrapper method and use the 32bit Flash plugin (which im not so keen on mixing my bits )