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30th September 2009, 06:34 PM
Ok maybe the title is not so clear so...

My wife is reluctant to move from WinXP so I started my own personal campain to promote fedora at home but my wife complains that I "spend too much time fidling with the thing(PC)" and that "it wasn't the case with WinXP" so I =was looking for ways to impress my wife with fedora's capabilities so I flashed her with compiz and dual screen using our old 52" projection tv as a DVR but rhe problem is that my daughter want to watch her DVDs and my wife want to watch a youtube video.

I have a system with two Sound card one embedded on the main board and one on a PCI slot and what I am trying to achive is haveing two applications, like two instances of VLC play their sound on the souncard I select per instance, or one Sound card playing VLC and the other playing a youtube video's sound.

I have looked at pulse audio properties and it detects both of my sound cards just fine and it plays wonderfully on either but that is just it... it will pay on either but not both.

I have read that you can configure pulse audio to use your second sound card as sorround or duplicate audio but the idea is dicrete audio from dicrete application. Is there such an use case already supported by pulseaudio?

So there might be a solution if I disable Pulse Audio but I rather not but I'm open to either.

Thank you in advance

EDIT:Ok so VLC has an advance feature that let's me select the output sound card but I guess since pulse audio is getting in the middle it would detect the new output attempt by VLC and redirect it again so It would seem that pulse audio is actually a problem...

Is the a way to remove pulseaudio without breaking anything else?

I'm hesitant to remove it and have the sound not working at all (my wife would say "See I told you so, this would not happen in XP" ugh the nagging).

Is there a proper way to remove pulseaudio and have alsa take over?

Again any input is appreciated.

Ok so the feature is not in the gnome volume control applet; this control is on the "Pulseaudio Volume Control" GUI utility on playback tab there is a little down arrow on every application doing playback that holds a menu and one of the options is move stream where you can choose the output you want to use

20th May 2010, 04:16 PM
Thanks! This is vital. Can you believe it was a standard LiveCD inclusion for Fedora 10 but you need to install it for Fedora 12? Bizarre decision! I could remember the UI, but couldn't remember the package name.

For reference, the package to install is pavucontrol. :)

Hope that helps others!