View Full Version : Fedora 11 Freezes upon installing ATI Graphic Driver

Gaurav Prabhu
28th September 2009, 07:37 PM
My friend has a Biostar A785GE motherboard which has an Ati HD4200 integrated graphics with an AMD Phenom 550 B.E Processor. It is in dual boot - Windows XP & Fedora 11. He got the PC four days ago. Today, I downloaded the Ati linux driver & went to his place to install it. The installation went fine & we were booted into Fedora 11. Enabled Compiz & all was fine. But after a few minutes the PC froze. Restarted the system but again the PC froze. Then I booted into single user mode & uninstalled the driver. Rebooted & then it didn't. So is the driver the culprit? Also why is the Ati Control Panel detecting 20" Samsung LCD as an CRT monitor?