View Full Version : Ipv4 Manual settings,firefox headphones

23rd September 2009, 09:05 AM
I tried the F12 Snap 3 i686 livecd for the first time.Got to a workable screen in 5 minutes.
I am unable to edit the Manual settings under the IPv4 tab in Edit Connections.
When I choose the Manual options everything is greyed out and cannot enter any details. Also I cannot revert back to choose dhcp or any other option. I am unable to connect, for filing a bug using the Automatic Bug report tool.

Firefox did not start and gave a seg fault. Also SElinux prevented it from running.

SELinux is preventing /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.3/firefox from changing a writable
memory segment executable.

Detailed Description:

The firefox application attempted to change the access protection of memory
(e.g., allocated using malloc). This is a potential security problem.
Applications should not be doing this. Applications are sometimes coded
incorrectly and request this permission. The SELinux Memory Protection Tests
(http://people.redhat.com/drepper/selinux-mem.html) web page explains how to
remove this requirement. If firefox does not work and you need it to work, you
can configure SELinux temporarily to allow this access until the application is
fixed. Please file a bug report against this package.

There was no ouput from my headphones. I have an hda intel and my codec is Sigmatel STAC9227. Speaker output was working. In sound preferences I chose Output->Connector-> Analog headphones.